At the beginning, there were the raves. Those around Lyon that Yannick Lecomte attended every weekends.
He built his identity by exploring margins, seduced by the collective utopia of free-parties. Fan of New Wave, Brit pop and Pink Floyd, he began to play records, organized parties and became addicted to the sounds of hardcore and hard techno. Until a friend put the Poney EP in his hands. Vitalic and its unprecedented and explosive fusion between several currents of rock and electronic music, acted as a developer and lead him to buy his first synthesizer to compose his own songs.
But the rave, we just don’t leave it like that « when I went into the sound systems, I had all the outfit that matched with it. From the day I cut my hair, took off my studded shoes and began to wear shirts, a lot of people told me : you’re no longer rave, Yannick ! I think I still am, rave, in spirit, even though I first had a bit of trouble assuming a more pop side. »
In his compositions, the formats are tightened, the sound is hot, electric and aerial, the bass lines elastic, but he also knows how to infuse the nervousness of the rave in his rhythmics. We find traces of EBM or Belgian New beat, pop, maybe, when he looks for the ultimate gimmick with his guests, but electronic, without any doubt. The real engine of Lecomte de Brégeot, the one he cannot resist, is emotion. This is where he draws the nobility of his harmonies, somewhere between nostalgia and melancholy. « A music that touches people, you ought to be able to do everything on it : run, cry, make love... » After his last EP’s release, with the eponymous title «Paris 1985», he gets back to his recording studio : he composed couple songs for Elle Valenci, among which the music piece «Perfect blue» that will reach millions of streaming. Approached by the majors labels, he will choose to maintain his independence.
Recognized by this peers, his music opens towards new horizons : the Frenchman exports abroad, especially to USA. He has composed «Mistress Violet», Violet Chachki’s last title, american drag queen icon and Jean-Paul Gauthier’s muse, laid on Allie X’s sulfurous voice. The composer collaborates with many luxury brands and fashion projects. His music dresses up Vogue in Thailand, Nina Ricci, Giorgio Armani as well as the two latest Brazilian fashion week’s shows in São Paulo and faithful to his roots, he begins his fourth year of collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent.
At the moment, he’s fully focused writing his new LP and didn’t expect to receive an official request to remix the emblematic song «Fade to grey» . The artist regards it as a tremendous achievement : «this was a real challenge for me, this gold record has rocked my childhood».
At the age of 36, the rage that inhabited him at the time of the raves marked the step. From now on, this great anxious man has found serenity and confidence.