For Lecomte de Brégeot everything started with the raves when he was a teenager in the late 90’s early 00’s. Techno and free parties were a revelation.
All the emotions and feeling provided by music and the ferveur that he encountered during those big gatherings led him to become a DJ and to host parties. Then he went on to compose his own music with the help of his massive keyboards collection.
In 2015 he performs at the Paris Techno Parade and in 2016 he releases his first EP There was a day followed by two other EP’s Pretty Ashes and Fragment. His music is a subtle mix of techno, new wave and EBM, that still has a strong human touch to it, thanks to the use of intense and deep vocals and overpowering melodies.
His sound esthetic is reminiscent of the 80’s yet it feels and sounds very modern. The coldness of the electronic beats is blended with nostalgic and melancholic harmonies, giving his music great depths. Lecomte de Bregéot’s productions are full of warmth and humanity and he also enjoys producing for other artists. He has been collaborating for a few years with French soul singer Elle Valenci.
His singular musical identity gives him a special place in the French electronic landscape and allowed him to build an international career. As a producer he enjoys performing live his own productions and he has been able to do so in Russia, in Western and Eastern Europe, in Turkey, in South America and in the United States.
The US audience fell for him thanks to his collaboration with Canadian producer and performer Allie X and Violet Chachki, drag-queen extraordinaire, winner of Rupaul’s Drag race in 2015, on the song Mistress Violet, an hypnotic synth-pop gem. In 2022 he collaborated once again with Chachki on the official and acclaimed remix of Visage’s iconic Fade to Grey. Elegant and visual, Lecomte de Brégeot’s music has naturally interested the fashion and luxury world.
He has been collaborating with prestigious and international brands such as Nina Ricci, Giorgio Armani, Armani, Nars and Vogue, who all reached out to him for music on their promotional ads. Also, Yves Saint Laurent and Lecomte de Brégeot have been in a partnership that has been going on for over four years.
His single Paris 1985 was also chosen to be the soundtrack for the Balenciaga video campaign in June 2022 which features supermodel Bella Hadid. He also composes original music material to accompany fashion shows, as was the case during Sao Paulo Fashion Week in 2021 and 2022, and for Roberto Cavalli during Milan Fashion Week in 2023. The very cinematographic atmosphere of his productions also allowed him to appear on the soundtrack of two very noticed series, in France and abroad: Mytho, an original series of Arte, and the American blockbuster Emily in Paris.
In 2022, the artist who grew up in the underground world, entered a partnership with Universal Music Publishing to provide him with the best possible support in the export of his music. One thing is certain, Lecomte de Brégeot is gradually carving out a stature as one prince of French electro in the world, with new projects to follow...